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photo of Raul Malo band Malo has an exceptional voice, a burnished tenor that harks back to Roy Orbison and thegreat Cuban singer Beny More'." - The New York Times

"Most impressive....A voice that seems to have no limits of range or versatility."
- USA Today

"Malo's superb voice...is big and melodic with a natural vibrato. Exquisite."
- The Wall Street Journal

"Gripping, wide-screen vocals....talent too expansive to be fenced in by Top 40 conservatism."
- Los Angeles Times

"A terrific swoon-and-soar voice."
- San Francisco Chronicle

"Raul Malo has a voice on par with the best of 'em: Sinatra, George Jones and Orbison."
- Rolling Stone

"Malo is often compared to Roy Orbison for good reason: the purity, clarity and strength of his voice is simply unmatched by any other singer out there today."
- Billboard

"Force of nature Raul Malo wraps his husky vocals around everything like he owns the copyright on heartbreak."
- Entertainment Weekly

"Raul Malo: vocalist extraordinaire."
- Village Voice

"Raul Malo is the greatest country-rock crooner since Roy Orbison."
- Esquire

"Malo seems capable of covering everything between Presley and Pavarotti."
- Washington Post

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